Is Love Marriage in your Horoscope? Check out to know more.

Love marriage is not a new concept to our society. All of you must have witnessed several cases in the history where a boy wishes to marry his desired girl or vice-versa. It has been well-accepted outside India and has become the most popular trend in Indian as well. Due to the era of modernization and lack of narrow thinking, people from all over the world are happily accepting the love of their children and in 90% cases; such marriages have proved its success and worth.


In arrange marriages, two individuals fall in love with each other after they get married. However, love marriages given them an opportunity to know each other before taking any other step. Love marriage can be further considered as a powerful tool to test the level of comparability couples might share after their marriage; it allows people to know the likes & dislikes of their partner and gives enough time to get adjust with each other. If compatibility seems fine and everything goes well, love marriages always lead to success.

But have you ever thought who will declare the final result if a couple is ready to take their relationship at the next phase? Will it be a boy or a girl? People say, “Love is blind.” A couple may not be able to judge everything and see the shortcomings between them or may be trying to ignore the shortcomings as they are madly in love. Or it may also happen that due to their physical attraction, they tend to ignore the most important aspects to be taken into consideration for marriage. Here, parents should look at their children and share their experiences with them. Apart from this, great Indian astrologer in Bangalore can also bring this subject into limelight.

As per our Indian Vedic astrology, the favorable position of planets and other stars play a vital role in deciding if the one will marry his desired love. Astrologically, the 5th house in the horoscope says a lot about love and romance and 7th house stands for life partner. If there is any relation between 5th and 7th house, there is high chances of love marriage. And marriage will stay for lifetime if this combination is under the benefice of Jupiter. However, there may comes a problem in love marriage if it has malefic aspect of planets, such as, Mars, Saturn or Rahu. They do nothing but break the relation, which ultimately take the marriage to divorce court.

According to our astrology science, Venus is the planet of love. It fills your love life with romance and happiness if it is located in 5th, 7th or 11th house. So, how would you get to know if the one will have arrange marriage or love marriage? Well, it is always advised to seek the best astrology services in Bangalore to get 100% accurate and precise future results. Visit the astrologer of your choice and get a detailed report.


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